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We trade the basic crypto currency on the world’s biggest crypto currency markets. Due to the growing interest to crypto currency means all over the world, our business reveals a high demand for today. Consequently, it guarantees the employment of our company and provides opportunities for further development of our business in perspective. Our business is stable and is evolving every time with the development of crypto currency financial operations in a world economy.

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Developing a crypto currency trading, we contribute to the popularization of such crypto currency as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other perspective crypto currency means in the meaning of investment. Being a meaningful payment instrument, and being free of any world’s country economy’s influence on the rate, crypto currency contributes the stability of economic relationship. Our mission is to create conditions for a full expansion of opportunities of transactions using crypto currency as a meaningful fiat currency.

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Expanding and uniting the investors all over the world on the base of our investment program, we see opening perspective for further development of our company. Investing money and expanding own presence, the company inevitably increases the investment rotations and consolidates its positions on the on the international market of crypto currency trading. It creates the most favorable conditions for investment, when every investor of the company is confident about his money effectively works under managing of Bitpay Crypto Limited investment-financial structure.

4%per day
for 40 days
Total deposit, USD (50000 max)
For a period, days
in your e-wallet will be 4800.00 USD or 120.00 USD per day
Platform statistics
1st level 7% 2nd level 2% 3rd level 1%

Creating of own partnership structure on the base of our investment program – is a beneficial addition to the passive profit of investment. Our company provides an opportunity to earn on the invitations of new participants in a three levels to the partnership structure. Consequently, for investment, made by a partner of the 1st level of your partnership structure, you will earn 7%, 2% of the 2nd level partner’s investment amount, and 1% you will get of investment amount, made by the partners of the 3rd level of your partnership structure.

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What does the company do?

Our company implements crypto currency trading on the world’s biggest crypto currency markets and therefore generates the profit from conducted crypto currency trading deals.

Is your business legal?

Yes, we implement our business according to international legislation and have all the necessary documents, which ensure our legal opportunity of providing services.

How is the company structurally organized?

The company has three main units. Analytical department implements a monitoring of courses and trainings. Trading department deals with trading operations with crypto currency, and Commercial department implements the management of investment and general control.

How safe is investing with you?

Taking into account our experience in a field of crypto currency trading, and strong potential of the company, Your investment will be held under such conditions, which ensure the safety of investment on any phase of cooperation.

Can I lose the money?

We are not an insurance company. However, we are confident in the correctness of chosen trading strategies. Our multi-year experience of successfully conducted deals on the crypto currency markets confirms our confidence and certainty of trading in any cases.

How long do you plan to work?

Our company has just started providing services of confidential investing management of invested amounts of investors online. On the basis of the plan of a long-term company“s development, we are going to work for a long-term perspective.

How soon will you open your filials?

At the moment of company`s developing an opening of the filials is not taken into account. However, we are always ready for a cooperation in this direction if the balanced and reasonable commercial propositions from international interested parties are available.

Which profit do you provide?

Using only one out investment proposition, you will gain 4% of investments during 40 days daily. Therefore, your profit will be 60& of total investments.

How much it can be invested at minimum and maximum?

In accordance with our investment proposition for all categories of investors, at minimum you can invest $20, and at maximum $75000.

In what currency can I invest?

Investing is supported by using USD and BTC. Diapasons of investing in USD you can find on the top. Using BTC, it can be minimally invested 0,012 BTC, and maximally 34 BTC.

What is the minimal amount to withdraw?

In a case if you investment in USD, the minimal amount to withdraw is $1. In case of your investment in BTC, the minimal amount to withdraw is 0,002 BTC.

What is a regulation of payments?

All the requests for amount payments are implemented in a manual mode and can be done within 72 hours. Payments are available only in that card, which was used for investment to our program.

What payment systems are available for investing?

In process of investing you can use Advanced Cash, Perfect Money electronic payment system, and also Bitcoin.

Is it possible to get a partnership reward without investing the company?

Yes. Even in case you did not do an investment in our investing program, all the opportunities of additional active income will be available for you anyway in accordance with our Partnership program.

How safe is a company`s site?

The official site of the company is equipped with all the necessary means of protection and encryption, and also all the database is placed on the server which is sustainable to DdoS attacks, which is provided by our leader in this sphere of services.

How safe is to tell the information to the company?

We keep all personal data, provided by our investors in the conditions of absolute confidentialness and do not give this data to the third parties under any circumstances

If I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

For this aim you need to use the standard form of the password“s recovering, which is placed on the site of the company. If any problems emerged, please contact the support service.

How can I contact the support service?

To use all the options of client`s support, just go to the relevant section of official site of the company and explain the reason for your problem. We work 24/7 and assist you in the shortest possible time.

How can I make changes in my payment details?

If during the creating of your personal account you wrote down the wrong informaton, or you want to change your payment data, you can do it, contacing with our support service.

Can I get a partnership reward, not creating a personal account?

It is impossible. Only a registration can provide you with the needful unique partnership reference, which will automatically identify the particioants inveted by you and reserve to you.

Can I delete my account?

We do not support creating of multiregistrations. That is why we will not provide opportunities to delete any personal account. Be attentive while creating an account and check your participant, as after that it will be impossible to change it.

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